Welcome to the horror world of the FEAR Wolf INO on the Liquidifty platform!

The Liquidifty team is happy to announce the INO of the FEAR Wolf, which will start on May 18th, at 11:00 UTC. FEAR Wolf will be the first project to be launched on Polygon on the Liquidifty platform: users will be able to buy NFTs on the BNB Smart Chain, the wallets will be collected and passed to the project, and the project’s team will distribute the NFTs for the players on Polygon. Thus it is essential to ensure that you have the Polygon chain set up in your MetaMask wallet (here is an instruction on how to do it).

The actual FEAR Wolf NFT will be airdropped on May 31st — 24 hours after the public sale, which is currently scheduled for May 30th, at 11AM UTC. The Public Sale date may be changed. Become a part of this outstanding INO of the cool project by following the link:


The FEAR Wolf NFT is a FEAR’s flagship NFT — a metaverse NFT Wolf companion with utility inside and outside FEAR games. It’s not only aesthetically stunning, but it will help gamers claw in more earnings, defend players and enhance in-game performance. Indeed an NFT with claws!

FEAR, a horror ecosystem founded by Jonathan and Patrick Carey, is providing horror fans with a scary ecosystem of games, NFTs, and a dark metaverse. Horror is one of the most-watched gaming niches on YouTube, and FEAR plans to leverage the increasing demand for this genre, unlocking its potential with NFT ownership and rewarding horror gamers with FEAR tokens for achieving certain goals in their games.

The FEAR Wolf gameplay and NFTs

The NFT offers both in-game and ecosystem benefits including enhanced Gameplay:

  • FEAR Blood Realms — Rescue, raise, and battle your wolf in the Wolf Arena in Fear’s 3D horror world;
  • Clucking Hell — Summon an Alpha Wolf to play in this 2D classic shooter;
  • The Crypt — Capture and harvest human souls with your Demon Wolf Summoner in this idle-clicking game.

In-game Benefits of Wolf holders

The Wolves come in different ranks and clans, and each will play a pivotal role in gameplay. In the Dark Open Horror World starting with the FEAR Museum, the Wolf holders will have:

  • Access to exclusive territories where no one else can tread;
  • Additional daily gameplay to experience:
  • Rescue your Wolf Club;
  • Feed your Wolf;
  • Exercise your Wolf;
  • Combat train your Wolf;
  • Fight in the Wolf Arena.

Your Wolf will also gain enhanced performance (speed, strength, endurance) inquests.

Beyond the in-game utility, the Wolf can be used for:

  • Metaverse Governance;
  • Access to future NFT whitelists;
  • Free Mystery Box NFT drop in Q4 for all FEAR Wolf holders;
  • Voting rights;
  • Early access to FEAR digital content.

NFTs can be sold on any platform, like Opensea, Binance NFT Marketplace, Galler.io, Fear Wolf website, and Liquidifty platform. Apart from that, you can breed Wolves and create your own bloodline upon full maternity of your own Wolf! The Wolves in the upcoming INO form different NFT collections and will allow 1st Gen Holders to bring in additional players and earn from those new players.


The FEAR Wolf project team will hold an AMA session on May 17th, at 11:00 UTC. Users will be able to chat and ask their questions to the co-founder and CTO of FEAR Patrick Carey. Users will have the opportunity to know more about the project, ask questions, participate in raffles and win valuable rewards. Welcome to the Liquidifty chat to find out more information about the project and event prizes: http://t.me/liquidifty

Get NFTs of the promising cross-chain P2E game in INO of FEAR Wolf on May 18th, at 05:00 UTC!

Social media of the Fear Wolf game:
Website| Twitter| Telegram| Discord| YouTube| Instagram

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