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4 min readMar 9, 2023

Hey, Web3 gamers! We’re happy to introduce more advanced analytical features for the community in our latest release. Keep reading to find out how to improve your performance with our new solutions for Web3 gaming.

Create your individual lists of Web3 games

Web3 gaming is indeed a fast-growing industry with many releases. And Liquidifty perfectly understands that. Our team is doing their best to hand-pick the best Web3 projects and add them to the platform. Thanks to their efforts, there are more than 200 titles available there.

And that’s an enormous number to track. On top of that, there are different genres, blockchains, etc. Some games have already been released, while others are under development. Now you can simply add the selected titles to Favourites to keep them handy. To do this, click on the heart button under the game description.

If you need to check one of the titles you added before, simply navigate to your profile in the top right corner and choose the Favourites section.

Now, you can follow the games you are most interested in or even create your wishlist.

If you want to remove the game from the selection, click on the heart icon in the top right corner of its thumbnail.

Rate Web3 games on Liquidifty

As a Web3 gamer, you must understand that picking up the best game from all the options is a real challenge. Now you can help the community by rating the games available on Liquidifty. Just choose the number of stars you want to assign to the game on its page. Five stars go for the highest rating, while one star is the lowest.

Please note that you can rate the games only if you interact with their smart contracts. This means that you have to buy tokens, receive NFTs, etc. to submit your feedback. This measure is designed to prevent malicious behaviour and cheating.

At this point, players cannot rate the games if they just sign in to play them for free. However, we are doing our best to introduce this feature for all the users.

Thank you for your contribution! And don’t forget to check the rating of the game before playing next time!

Daily breakdown on ROI and profits charts

Liquidifty aims to provide Web3 gamers with the most precise data and tools to increase their rewards. Thanks to the recent release, players are now able to select certain titles in gamers’ profiles and analyze daily breakdown on ROI and profit charts.

Direct messages in blockchain chat

We understand the importance of personal communication and respect your privacy. For this reason, we’ve implemented a direct message function in the blockchain chat. Choose the user you want to contact and click on the Message button.

Then, sign in to https://blockscan.com/ with your crypto wallet and send a message.

That’s all for today. We are going to introduce more advanced solutions for Web3 gamers in a while. Don’t forget to follow our socials to stay up-to-date:

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Lifty | WEB3 Gaming

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