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3 min readFeb 9, 2023

Liquidifty aims to build the best platform for Web3 gamers. This time, we are pleased to introduce a new batch of advanced features and helpful solutions that bring us closer to the desired goal:

A remarkable selection of Web3 titles to suit your taste

First things first! We’ve added more exciting content to the featured games section. Now there are more than 80 Web3 gems for you to explore! You can learn more about high-end shooters like EV.IO or Harvest, or choose a simple game like Plant Empires for your coffee break. Our latest game selection will satisfy the most avid players and will help newbies to navigate the world of Web3 gaming.

A new feature-packed game explorer

Speaking about navigation, don’t hesitate to try all the new features of our game explorer! You can sort the titles by the platforms and blockchains they are running on or choose a game with a certain status, whether it is available to play or will be released in the nearest future. On top of that, the new game explorer allows users to pick out the games featuring on-chain analytics or free-to-play titles.

Advanced game analytics for your favorite Web3 titles

We completely understand the importance of accurate analytics for Web3 gamers! A data-driven approach is the key to improving your strategy and increasing your profit. That is why we have added more advanced tools to our platform. Choose the game you are interested in from the list of the featured titles and scroll the page down to access the comprehensive charts indicating active sessions and new players, as well as gamers’ daily expenses and profits on different time frames.

Users can also check the ROI breakdown for different categories, including average or median rates of active gamers in the past 30 days, or new players’ ROI in the past 60 days.

Our data analysis is absolutely fair and transparent. And you can verify the list of smart contracts we are using for analysis by yourself. Simply press the View Smart Contracts button in the top right corner of the window to access them.

New blockchains available

And last but not least — we’ve added more blockchains to the list of supported networks on our platform. Now users can trade Avalanche NFTs on the Liquidifty marketplace and track the performance of the top players in their favorite games running on the Avalanche and Ethereum blockchains.

That’s all for today. We’ll continue building more advanced solutions for the best Web3 gaming platform. Subscribe to our social media channels to receive the most important updates of the Liquidifty team in time:

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