The next Liquidifty Launchpad Airdrop!

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3 min readApr 12, 2022

The Liquidifty team is announcing another NFT Airdrop for the Launchpad pass holders. This Friday, April 15th at 14 UTC, users will have a chance to get NFTs from Wanaka farm, vEmpire, Real Realm, and Cryptoblades!

All you need is to buy NFT on the Liquidifty marketplace and hold it until 12 UTC on April 15th. It would be possible to sell it after, or wait for the next drops, raffles, or IDOs! If you already have one, you don't need to do anything. Very soon we will announce a cash raffle among Liquid pass holders!

We are happy to welcome new users who have purchased the Solid, Liquid and Gas passes, and participated in the outstanding IDO of “Drunk Robots”! The IDO went great and in short, there was a complete SOLD OUT of $METAL tokens! We are preparing a list of the next projects and these are a few of them: Blockperks, Elf matrix, and EtherCity.

Now let’s go to the details of the airdrop!

Rules: We will raffle NFTs among pass holders from every level. The higher status you have, the more expensive NFT you can get. NFTs that will be raffled:

  • Solid holders: Wanaka Farm (NFT cost $1000)
  • Liquid holders: vEmpire (NFT cost $450)
  • Gass holders: RealRealm + Cryptoblades (NFT cost $100), the winners will get a pack of 2 NFTs!

Total NFTs to be raffled: 10

Now let’s talk more about the participating projects.

Wanaka farm — the NFT-game where users grow their own farm all by themselves, or cooperate with their friends in this unique, relaxing farming experience and get valuable NFT for further trading.

”vEmpire: The Beginning” a very cool and rapidly developing project with a bunch of unique P2E mechanics, which has recently joined Liquidifty and will list there their vEmpire — The Plebeian Council collection. Don't miss an INO of this project on Liquidifty on the 14th of April.

Real Realm — NFT-game where users form their indomitable army to protect, expand their sovereignty and get valuable NFT for trading and earning with P2E mechanics.

Cryptoblades — NFT-game where you have to become the most powerful blade wielder in the blockchain. Earn $SKILL tokens by defeating enemies, winning on PVP, and staking your gains. The alpha testing of CryptoBlades: Kingdoms has taken place for the whole week, and it is going great! A friendly competition between the participants has added some fun to the testing. We are willing to see who will be crowned as a champion of the alpha.

Become a part of the community and participate in drops with new great projects!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:



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