The epic CryptoTanks INO breaks into the Liquidifty platform!

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4 min readMay 25, 2022

The Liquidifty team is ready to announce the epic INO of CryptoTanks, which will begin on May 26th, at 10:00 UTC, and will last until May 31st. During the INO, users will have the opportunity to purchase valuable tank-NFT for fighting in-game and trade on the marketplaces.​​ Each Tank is unique and has in-game characteristics that affect the player’s in-game advantages during combat.

During the INO, Liquidifty has special conditions for purchasing NFTs. The Liquidifty users get 10% for purchasing the CryptoTanks NFTs. Therefore, if you were planning to buy several NFT, then this is your chance!

For purchasing these amazing and stylish items during the INO of the CryptoTanks NFT-game, dive into the link:

CryptoTanks is a play-to-earn game where every NFT is usable in the gamified ecosystem. It’s completely free to download. All you need to jump into the action is to buy or rent a Tank NFT and enjoy fun gameplay in the Battle Arena, where you destroy your enemies and earn amazing rewards! Effort counts as much as winning.

The Tank NFTs are not just an in-game asset they are also a store of value. Owners will be able to profit from Tanks in multiple ways. Firstly, it can be by playing and earning rewards in the game (Play-to-Earn remember?). You can also rent out your Tank in the marketplace to fellow warriors and earn passive income without risking going to Battle.

ROI 2–3 months, APY at the start could be 600%. An Amazing forecast, isn’t it?

NFTs of CryptoTanks

The main NFT items in CryptoTanks are unique tanks that users can upgrade, temper in battles, and sell on the marketplaces. NFTs have a number of utilities such as rent, upgrade, staking, trade, and level up.

In total, within the INO of CryptoTanks, 250 NFT’s will be available on Liquidifty at a price of 0.09 ETH each! This is a crazy offer because, during the public sale, the price will already reach 0.1 ETH. Do you feel the difference? If so, then don’t miss out on this great opportunity to shop at an insane discount. A total of 10,000 NFTs will be released as part of the CryptoTanks P2E game. There won’t be any more minting, because only users will be able to mint new NFTs.

Subsequently, users will have the opportunity to participate in unique events with a large prize pool. The first of these ones will be the opportunity to take part in a Big Game Competition with a prize fund of 200k$. NFT will be listed on the Binance NFT MarketPlace. Such a fun way to spend time or compete with friends and enjoy the nostalgic game with epic fighting.

The CryptoTanks gameplay

CryptoTanks was based on the cult Battle City game released in 1990 for the Nintendo and Game Boy consoles. But this isn’t just a revival, as many new features will make this game much more sophisticated. New locations, missions, tanks, and battles, as well as the DEFI and NFT ecosystem, have been added to CryptoTanks.

CryptoTanks allows the player to delve into a world of nostalgia and experience, the power of the new technology of the crypto world, DEFI, and NFT. Now the player can not only enjoy the gameplay of the iconic 8-bit graphics but also earn by upgrading his NFT tanks in battle and in the garage.

As part of the gameplay, the CryptoTanks team has developed a huge number of different game modes. Build unstoppable teams of tanks and conquer your enemies! Each tank has unique strengths and weaknesses. With billions of possible combinations, the possibilities are truly infinite!

To start the game, you must own a tank. You can buy a tank in the marketplace, mint one, or rent one. There is also no need to worry about whether you can play it in your setup as CryptoTanks will be available for Android, Mac OS, and Windows. For playing users get the reward with the $TANK tokens. Upgrade your Tank, expand your Collection, Stake them, or sell them on an exchange.

The team’s vision is that no NFT metaverse should be singular but rather each metaverse can be interconnected giving each unique NFT increased utility through NFT interoperability between games and platforms.

CryptoTanks implemented a safe protocol for renting your tanks. The users’ tanks will always belong to the player, and no one can steal them. Gamers can withdraw tanks at any time. After each game played by the user, renting tanks will receive a combat experience. Technical characteristics will automatically improve, thereby NFT will be worth more.

So don’t waste this amazing opportunity to become a tank fighter in epic battles with your friends on May 26th on Liquidifty!

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