Say goodbye to Liquidifty and say hello to Lifty!

Lifty | WEB3 Gaming
2 min readMar 21, 2023


Hey fam,

We are thrilled to share the super exciting news with you! Our Web3 project is getting a new short name. Say goodbye to Liquidifty and say hello to Lifty!

Why do we need this change? The reason is very simple: we just want to make your experience easier! Let’s be honest: Liquidifty is not the easiest name to remember and pronounce. That’s why we always hear “Liftyquity”, “Liquififty”, or something like that☺️. So, we’ve decided to remove all the extra letters and stay with catchy

At the same time, as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve shifted our focus from building a standalone NFT marketplace to developing an all-in-one solution for Web3 gaming. And the new name aligns better with our new mission and vision.

But please rest assured that everything will remain the same on the user side, and this change won’t impact your experience. You’ll still be able to access all your favorite features on

We also believe that the new name will strengthen our brand and make it much easier for you to communicate with us or tell other gamers about us.

So get ready to lift off with us on!


Lifty team.

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Lifty | WEB3 Gaming

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