Participate in the CloneVerse INO and get a Land on CLOD_16 planet!

Let’s start an exciting space journey to the CLOD_16 planet — participate in the INO of CloneVerse and get your Land! Join the INO on June 29th, at 13:00 UTC:

CloneVerse is a unique 3D fully on-chain strategy game based on Polygon! Its incredible team has 15 years of experience in development, marketing, design and launching digital products. Experience at the intersection of technology and design allows them to create impressive and unusual NFT projects.

The team has created this project because they believe that the future of gaming is decentralized and supported by the community, not by big corporations that want to get all your money at every game step.

CloneVerse Gameplay

The year is 2122. People who settled the distant planet clod_16 left it after the explosion of hot star g2v. Only 3333 clones remained on the cooled planet. They were created for the production of coil energy which has become the main currency and a symbol of power. Start building your own CLOD_16 colony and earn with us!

More than 100 traits give each of the 3333 clones NFT their unique identity and own benefits.This is a long-term project aimed at the creation of a large ecosystem and a strong community, staking coil mining games, addons for clones and clone wars for a limited coil resource in the future!

Get your lands, gather resources, conquest new lands and start building your own CLOD_16 colony.

The game will constantly evolve with the players giving the opportunity to build new types of buildings and units, research new technologies and get involved in clan wars for new resources and lands!

Get started in CloneVerse with a starter pack from one of three levels.

Each starter kit includes:

  • Earth;
  • Workers;
  • Starting Resources.

The lands differ among themselves in the amount of resources and slots for buildings:

  • Base set: 5 building slots and a small amount of resources on the land;
  • Rare set: 8 building slots and an average amount of resources on the land;
  • Epic set: 12 building slots and a lot of resources on the land.

INO Details

CloneVerse will provide NFT Lands for the Liquidifty users — they will be of different rarity:

  • Regular: 900 Lands — $200/Land
  • Rare: 700 Lands — $250/Land
  • Epic: 400 Lands — $350$/Land

CloneVerse lands will be used in the strategy game as a place to build your space colony, gather resources, and build battle units.

Each land will have limited resources. The total amount of resources and places for buildings are determined by rarity:

  • Regular: 5 building places
  • Rare: 8 building places
  • Epic: 12 building places

Why participate?

  • 20% discount for the Liquidifty users and mining on WL stage;
  • First Sci-Fi on-chain strategy with a big potential in earning if you join at an early stage;
  • Doxxed & experienced team;
  • Mine COIL and earn;
  • Everything in the game is an NFT! And you can sell it;
  • Conquest new lands for sale or to rise your colony.

The project team will also hold an AMA session on June 24th, at 12:00 UTC. There will be 5 winners, each will get $40.

The gleam campaign will start on June 7th, at 11:00 UTC, and will last until June 20th, at 12:00 UTC — 4 winners will get $50 each, and 2 winners will get NFTs. Join here:

Social media of the project: Website| Twitter| Discord

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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