Meet Liquidifty Release v0.9.1: Multichain, Updated profiles and Full-fledged Explore tool!

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2 min readJun 16, 2022

Long time no see — we worked hard and are so excited to introduce our Liquidifty platform release! We are constantly developing tools and platform features to make it easier to use and interact with.

Drumroll, sooo, what’s new at Liquidifty?


You were waiting for it, we were waiting — and here it is! We’ve integrated Polygon and Ethereum chains in our marketplace. Some of the gaming projects on Polygon have already launched their sales: Rooster Wars, CryptoMeda and more to come — Mars Colony and Cloneverse this month.

We have a great aim to create a hub where different blockchains can easily connect while overcoming their individual limitations: high fees, poor scalability and limited security.

Updated Profiles

Look at this design and enhanced functionality! Now profiles of the marketplace look more attractive and user friendly. Apart from this they are easy to navigate as we added tabs — so that you can look through the items and read full information about the project.

Full-fledged Explore

We added Explore as a separate functional section on the marketplace. Now you can enter the request and see expanded search as well as tap on All results and search within the profiles collections.

Collections Activities

We’ve added a separate section with activities of the certain collection. Now you can track and check all the events that have happened to the collection you like or invested in. Now you’ll have all the information you need to make decisions.

Wow, that was cool, huh? We will go on working and improving our platform for you. Please, don’t hesitate to share your comments and ask questions — our team is always ready to talk!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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