Liquidifty v.0.1.2 — new week, new release

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2 min readJun 5, 2021

The Liquidifty marketplace is now operating for two weeks and here it is what we have already achieved:

  • 637 created NFTs;
  • 145 purchases;
  • 51 buyers;
  • 176 creators.

This is just the beginning! Liquidifty continues its rapid growth with the incredible community support! According to your feedbacks, we’re ready to present you Liquidifty v0.1.2 which includes:

  • Better and faster perfomance;
  • Sales history for each NFT;
  • Owners list for each NFT;
  • Segmentation on the profile’s page.

Also, we are happy to bring more and more highly talented artists to the platform. Thank you all for joining us! Stay tuned with the featured section on the website and our socials: we have a lot of pure beauty to show you!

Important to notice: Binance Smart Chain took their look at Liquidifty and featured it in few tweets.

It`s extremely important for us! We didn’t doubt for a second about our start on Binance Smart Chain. Constantly growing ecosystem, active promotion and technical support for the projects, low fees and fast transaction times are the most important fundamentals for a rapid growth!

And don’t forget about the ongoing competition for NFT Collectors!

This is a big chance for everyone to get the 💎 Diamond Hands (SPIRIT_STONE //) artwork by legendary FVCKRENDER.

More huge updates, amazing artists and unbelievable giveaways are coming! Follow our socials not to miss it!




Lifty | WEB3 Gaming

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