Liquidifty updates v0.9.2 — NFT Portfolio, Blog, Game analytics and other great updates!

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4 min readSep 6, 2022


The Liquidifty team is always improving the platform’s functionality. And this time, we’re excited to announce the most important recent Liquidifty updates:

  1. NFT Portfolio

All your NFTs will be in one place, which means you can’t lose them! We support Etherium, BNB Chain and Polygon Chain, having OKC and avalanche on the way.
To try this function:

  1. Visit Liquidifty!
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. When you have connected your wallet, you immediately find yourself in your profile
  4. Go to the “My NFT” page, you can find it by clicking on your profile`s icon
  5. Enjoy your beautiful collection

2. Game analytics

To make it easier to select new games, we have created our game analytics. How does it work? We have analyzed all the transactions with the contracts games, tracked the behavior of thousands of players and made a conclusion — which game is profitable to play and which is not.The decision is not based on hype, wrapping and marketing, but on data.

On our website you can already find analysis of several games. In each review, you will be able to find Swarms of games for the last month, the number of users who join, and the total amount of profitable players for each month.

To learn more — join:

3. Blog

We have started the blog, so that you can constantly learn something new about the whole world of NFT. If you’re interested — follow the link!

Digest of the most current articles:

NFT trends in 2022: moving from art to gaming. Artists, musicians, companies — why is there a cozy place for everyone in the wide NFT world! You can read about this and much more in this article.

Wanna play? TOP 5 NFT games on BNB Chain. Game reviews and tips for choosing the right game for you. Is that what you really want and need? Then follow the link and read on!

How to open your NFT store: STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE. Have you ever dreamed of opening your own NFT store? Then this article is just for you. Here you can find out how easy it is to open your store with us.

4. Dark theme, videos in header and activity in profiles

We know how important it is to be able to make a personalized and cool profile. Therefore, we have added dark themes, videos in header and activity in profiles. Now you can choose the way you like more.

Here we prepared small guide for you:

Step 1: Click on your profile`s icon

Step 2: Choose “Profile”

Step 3: Click on the pen

Step 4: Choose your best vider os something else, whatever you want

Step 5: Ready!

5. IDO process updates

We really want everyone to have a chance to participate in IDOs. Therefore, we have combined all the waves into one and increased the time to 24 hours.

Now users without passes will also be able to participate, but if the allocation remains after purchase by the pass holders.

You can learn more and take part in current IDOs by the link:

We really try to make your experience with our platform more enjoyable. And we promise not to stop and constantly improve the functionality. Until next time!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:











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