Liquidifty is set to enhance security and decentralization with new timelock smart contract and Certik audit

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1 min readMar 6, 2023


2022 was one of the most dramatic years for the crypto industry. Thousands of users were hit by the crashes of incredibly popular platforms, such as Terra LUNA and FTX. The crypto community also witnessed a set of unprecedented hacks and scams with stolen millions, including $566M from Binance Smart Chain and $522M from Ronin. Thus, with the total losses of over $3.5B, 2022 has already been dubbed as “the biggest year for crypto hackers”. The lack of security for the funds and assets has made the brutal bearish conditions on the market even harder for Web3 users.

Liquidifty is committed to building a platform with enhanced security measures and decentralization for Web3 gamers and NFT users. As a part of this initiative, we have implemented a combination of a timelock smart contract and multi sign for the critical security functions on the platform. This measure will make the operations more transparent and decentralized.

Gnosis Multisig for the timelock contract:

48-hour timelock contract of the marketplace:

Ethereum marketplace smart contract:

Liquidifty has also partnered with Certik to conduct a security audit of the smart contracts. Soon we will share the results with the community.

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Lifty | WEB3 Gaming

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