Liquidifty IDO Launch On Four Famous Platforms

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2 min readJun 13, 2021

The Liquidifty platform launched its mainnet on May 20 and rapidly gains momentum by uniting talented artists and collectors within its comprehensive system and approach to the distribution of NFT artworks.

The Liquidifty team is running several airdrops and giveaways with such valuable prizes as NFT Works by Fvckrender and XCOPY, $100k for NFT Artists and more other ones. All the announcements are on Twitter.

Liquidifty has been supported by BSCPAD, Aubit, Master Ventures, Legion Ventures, AU21, Onega, Regain Ventures, Tritium Ventures,, DaSheng Capital, GFC, Fermion Capital, Panda Capital, WEBV ENGINE LTD, Zong Lian LTD, Reimann Ventures, Point 3 Ventures, Theabood Capital, HappyBlock,, HULK VENTURE CAPITAL, QIQI Venture, 7 Star Capital, Avalon wealth fund, LT Capital

The launch date of the native $LQT token has been set for June 15 with the IDO scheduled to be held on such platforms as BSCPAD, PAID, A2DAO and Trustpad.

Among the $LQT functions will be its usability for buying NFTs, receiving discounts and exclusive drops. The team aims to constantly improve the deflationary mechanisms for using the token and motivate the users to hold and burn their $LQT tokens. Also, the token will be implemented as a payment currency inside the ecosystem in the near future, and holding the $LQT tokens will allow its holders to receive discounts on the purchases of NFTs.

$LQT token holders will also become part of Liquidifty’s community-based platform moderation and will be helping curate the content marketed on the platform. The community can vote on which artwork belongs to its weekly pick, giving them an added boost in the reach that they need.

In order to participate in IDO users need to join one of platforms:

Staking Eligibility Deadline: Tuesday June 15th , 5 AM UTC
Allocation Round: Tuesday June 15th, 8 AM UTC
FCFS Round: Tuesday June 15th, 1 PM UTC
200,000 $LQT tokens to be sold

Staking Closes: 14:00 UTC
IDO Start: 16:00 UTC
150,000 $LQT tokens to be sold

Paid Network:
IDO Start: 11 am UTC
200,000 $LQT tokens to be sold

Whitelist is already closed
100,000 $LQT tokens to be sold

$LQT will be listed on Pancakeswap on June, 15 at 06:00 PM UTC.




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