Lifty is set to establish a new strategic partnership with the Bitgert blockchain ecosystem

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2 min readJul 13, 2023


Lifty welcomes a new strategic partner, Bitgert, an advanced blockchain platform with massive benefits and opportunities for users and crypto owners. Lifty and Bitgert will work together to enhance the ecosystem and infrastructure development. More details about this collaboration will be announced in the future.

Bitgert is a complex blockchain ecosystem encompassing Bitgert Chain, a lightning-fast blockchain capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second. Additionally, it offers a wide range of Web3 products designed to transform the way individuals engage with digital assets. This includes Bitgert CEX, a zero trading fee platform, Bitgert P2P marketplace, PayBrise payment gateway, and GEO Web3 Real Estate marketplace. The Bitgert ecosystem also boasts numerous partnerships across various Web3 categories, such as bridges, NFT platforms, launchpads, games, and Metaverse projects.

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About Lifty is a Web3 gaming platform with transparent blockchain analytics for different Web3 games, featuring number of active users, their achievements, ROI, profits, etc. This data allows gamers to assess projects’ performance before joining a game. On top of that, players can easily track their personal statistics and the activity of top players in various games. Users can also find information about Web3 gaming tournaments and events, engage with the community, provide or get feedback on various games.

Lifty has recently introduced an advanced Web3 marketing tool called GamerScore. In essence, it represents a reputation system for gamers which incorporates their achievements in both traditional games on Web2 gaming platforms, like Steam or Epic Games Store, and their progress in crypto native titles. GamerScore allows Web3 game producers and studios to target a selected audience of genuine gamers during their marketing campaigns and events in order to optimize their performance and costs. At the same time, GamerScore allows true Web3 gamers to receive bonuses in tokens and NFTs based on their results during the events.

Lifty believes that only close collaboration among blockchain builders will boost the industry development and adoption of crypto and Web3 technologies. As such, we look forward to closer cooperation with our new strategic partner Bitgert.

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Lifty | WEB3 Gaming

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