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2 min readApr 11, 2023

e are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Elastos, a Web3 project focused on developing cutting-edge Internet infrastructure to boost the decentralization, security, monetization, and ownership of user data through blockchain technologies.

Elastos is leveraging its own mechanism for securing user data, Decentralized Identity Solution, or DID, running on Elastos Identity Chain (EID). DID represents a breakthrough alternative for large organizations to store and manage private data. Other key infrastructure components include decentralized storage (Hive), P2P network (Carrier), Connectivity SDK, Elastos Main Chain, and Elastos Smart Contract Chain (ESC).

Developers can use the Elastos solution to deploy open-source dApps, such as peer-to-peer networks, decentralized data storage, or identity management solutions. At the same time, users can benefit from absolute ownership over digital assets, including movies, books, music, and games, creating and transferring them without any middlemen.

At the moment, Elastos provides a set of Web3 solutions which includes:

  • The Elastos Mainchain, a native independent public and open-source blockchain that is merged with Bitcoin and ensures the most secure blockchain in Web3.
  • Elastos Smart Chain (ESC), an EVM-compatible blockchain with the ability to spin up infinite additional chains. Elastos can theoretically support an unlimited number of public and private side chains, each with its own consensus mechanisms.
  • The Elastos Identity Chain (EID), the only blockchain that is dedicated to storing identities and credentials for every person on earth.
  • The Elastic consensus mechanism which is made up of 3 components: Auxiliary Proof of Work (AuXPoW), Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS), and Proof of Integrity (PoI)
  • Decentralized Identity Solution that supports verifiable credentials
  • Decentralized cloud storage solution called Hive
  • Decentralized P2P carrier network called Carrier
  • Decentralized Digital Rights Management offering for Web3

This strategic partnership is aimed to enrich the experience of Lifty users by providing access to the cutting-edge technologies developed by Elastos. More details will be provided separately in the future.

Please use the links below to get more information about Elastos:

Website | Twitter | Documentation | Linktr

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