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2 min readJan 16, 2023


Introducing the New Ranking System for the Liquidifty Discord Users!

We’re excited to announce our new Discord roles to the Liquidifty community. The roles will be awarded to the members of our Discord server to recognize their activity and allow them to proudly display their new titles to other participants. If you haven’t joined our Discord server yet, feel free to do it simply by following this link.

New Role System

We really appreciate your help in establishing a thriving community on our social media. Therefore, we introduce four new roles for the most active Discord users:

  • Newbie (LVL 10).
  • High School Celebrity (LVL 30).
  • Influencer (LVL 50).
  • Game Star (LVL 100).

All you need to do to get one of the roles is to join our Discord server, start socializing with other users, and have a great time. Our bot will automatically accrue XP points for your messages. The more you communicate, the more points and the higher level you get. If you wish to check your current status, simply use the /rank command on our server.

The new ranking system can also bring extra benefits for you. Users will receive 100 USDT and 300 USDT as a reward after getting to LVL 50 and LVL 100 respectively. Please also note that you can get extra XP points for participating in different events on our server, including quizzes, contests, etc. Check the terms and conditions of our news activities to find out more about extra XP points.

❗️Please also note that spamming with multiple simple, pointless, and off-topic messages won’t give you the right for the reward❗️Our team will check your activity on our Discord server before distributing the prizes.

Good luck and have a good time with your mates on Discord!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:











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