H-Hedz Sharksquad IDO: blast off from the sea to the moon

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4 min readAug 2, 2022

We are glad to announce the upcoming IDO of H-Hedz — it will start on August 15th, at 07:00 UTC.

The IDO link will be announced soon, follow the updates.

The H-Hedz are hammer-head-shark-human hybrids who are smart professionals by day, musicians by night, hip and classy humanoids from sunup to sundown.

A well-thought-out brand is a secret to lifting H-Hedz above the swarm of NFTs. It is the key to making a ground-breaking impact in the virtual space. The aim is to turn heads and make noise in the Metaverse.

H-Hedz Sharksquad came up with a game-changer mathematical solution solver software that can sustain the project’s game economy in a long-term perspective exclusively for the H-Hedz Sharksquad NFT used only.

With their own Blockchain Developers programming and mathematical skills combined with the H-Hedz team were able to create something revolutionary in today’s market in this industry wherein the majority of the P2E projects cannot sustain the immense growth of their game engagement hence the Utility Token of their project will then suffer.

The team of the project is a mix of digital artists, technopreneurs, accountants, and branding specialists. They have more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, digital design, and branding.

$TRK Token

$TRK is a utility token, here are the following utilities of $TRK:

  • It can be traded on Crypto exchange platforms.
  • It can be used for the in-game feature of H-Hedz Sharksquad.

The value of $TRK will be determined by the community’s participation in the project’s utility such as P2E and Staking.

The more users engage with $TRK, the more $TRKs may be produced and used, fostering a robust circular economy. The economy will grow to support the $TRK value when H-Hedz Sharksquad adds additional features and game modes to its plan.

Within 60 months of the public sale, $TRK will be unlocked in accordance with a predetermined schedule. 1,862,500 $TRK, or 18.63 % supply, represents the initial circulating supply.

The predicted issuance of $TRK is anticipated to be a little lower than the unlock timeline. Even if the tokens are unlocked, the Play to Earn and Ecosystem fund allocations won’t be distributed until the game is prepared for a phase of growth.

IDO Details

The IDO of H-Hedz will start on August 15th, at 07:00 UTC. The allocation for the Liquidifty users will be $50 000.

Information about allocations for the Liquidifty NFT passes holders will be revealed closer to the IDO date. We will make additional announcements and add details in this article — follow the updates.

  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token: $TRK
  • Total Supply: 10 Million $TRK
  • IDO Price: 0.8 USD
  • Public round allocation: 1 000 000 $TRK
  • Liquidifty allocation: $50 000
  • The vesting schedule for the public round: 8.5% at TGE (Sep 1, 2022) will be released, then, after a month, there will be another set of 8.5%, and the last release will be 8.3% succeeding on a monthly basis until the 12th month.

Tokens will automatically be dropped on the investors' wallets.

How to participate?

To participate in the IDO, you need to have a Liquidifty NFT pass. You can participate in the Solid, Liquid, and Gas waves according to your pass. The Solid holders are the first ones.

It is very important to buy the Liquidifty NFT pass before the actual IDO starts because you won’t have the opportunity to get access during the IDO.

Additional benefits of holding the Liquidifty NFT pass:

  • Guaranteed allocation;
  • Participation in regular airdrops of NFTs by popular gaming projects;
  • Cash prizes;
  • Tickets for Private sales.

If you don’t have one, visit this link: https://app.liquidifty.io/@launchpad

Social media of the project:
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