Get ready for double opportunities with the Crickets World IDO and the M3 INO next week!

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7 min readDec 2, 2022

Hey, guys! Next week we will bring more exciting investing opportunities for you with the Crickets World IDO and the M3 INO. Read more about new events below and do not miss your chances!

Make a junction between traditional gamers and crypto currency actors together with the INO of the M3 project!🎮

Sales of the M3 project will start on December 5th, at 1:00 PM UTC.

Here you can join:

M3 is a video game platform created by gamers and for gamers. They are using new technologies to revolutionize the gaming industry. M3 is a bridge between Web2 and Web3, and it is offering the first freemium H5 games.

As a Web2 gamer, you will be able to play the games for free, switch between several games, transform your content into NFTs and participate in tournaments to earn money.

As a Web3 owner, you become an actor in the Ecosystem. Of course, you will have access to everything from Web2 but you will be able to get benefits from the Web2 Universe, own part of the ecosystem, share project governance, and thanks to our E-sport model, earn money while sleeping.

If you have NFTs cards, you can participate in tournaments and earn cash prizes, but for the gamers who don’t have NFTs yet, they will borrow NFTs from our Scholarship program for free and share profits with the NFTs Owners.

INO Details

There will be 50 NFTs available for sale to our users.

For all the transactions related to M3 games, you will automatically receive reflective fees if you have at least one NFT in your wallet. Also, you will automatically receive a part of each player’s income each time your NFT is used in the game, without ever having to do anything.

Each transaction on the secondary market with your NFT will accumulate 15% of its value to increase the secured floor price.

With a Common, Uncommon, or Rare NFT, you can earn a cumulative founder bonus instead of a bonus skill. The founder bonus is really randomly added to every Common, Uncommon, and Rare NFT.

There may be, for example, the following:

With this bonus, you can gain a big advantage in the free version of the game.

Also, Common, Uncommon, and Rare cards are given pride of place. No more frustration when you open a surprise box to find an NFT of lower rarity. From a performance point of view, they pay as much in reflection as other rarity levels.

In order to ensure healthy competition in tournaments, players are limited in the amount of E-levels they may not exceed. In the beta version, there will be 35. (E.g a common card level 3 has an E-level of 4 only)

In case you have collected Epic, Legendary, or Mythic NFTs, you will get 1 skill bonus for Epic and 2 skill bonuses for Legendary and Mythic ones. These skills are key Meta for tournaments. 14 Skills will be available at the beginning. Make the best Metagame possible to ensure victories.

To learn more about how to earn money on, go to the M3 Medium and check this article: Medium Link

Important: All the NFTs minted on Liquidifty could be sold anywhere but to get benefits from the M3 Ecosystem, you have to send it to them in order to receive a copy of your NFT from M3 directly. Your Liquidifty NFT has a special background, only available through Liquidifty first Mint.

Why participate?

  • Scholarship to get passive income
  • Cross game NFTs
  • Guarantee of NFT Floor price
  • Day-to-day tournaments with a unique E-sport model
  • Holding NFTs gives passive income due to holding NFTs

Social media of the project:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Facebook | Telegram

Or discover a brave new Crickets World with the Liquidifty IDO!

The IDO of Crickets World with the total allocation of $10,000 for the Liquidifty users will start on December 5th, at 10 AM (UTC).

Here you can join:

Crickets Worlds is a GameFi project running on BNB Smart Chain that combines NFT, Games and DAO, developed by Hong Kong-based Golden Cricket Company Limited. The Web3 project is backed by GS Capital, S.R.C. Capital, and VNRB-BROS, and targets investors, traditional gamers, and also GameFi players from Southeast Asia, China, Latin America, and emerging markets.

Users need NFTs to play the game and earn the tokens. There are four types of NFTs in the project’s ecosystem: Cricket Warrior with 5 levels of rareness (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary), Cricket Land NFTs, Cricket Arena NFTs, and Honorable Badge NFTs.

The Cricket Warrior NFTs, with the initial supply of 9,999 NFTs, contain the main characters of the game. The Cricket Land NFTs act as food and medicine factories for the warriors. The Cricket Arena NFTs are the venue for P2P battles between the players. The Honorable Badge NFTs are awarded to the most active contributors of the game to participate in the project’s DAO.

Crickets World simulates the real world and offers various in-game roles and scenarios. You can join Adventure mode to defeat monsters and earn rewards, like tokens, XP-points, and items, but keep in mind that your Cricket Warrior needs food and healing for best performance. Choose Arena mode to battle against other gamers or simply try to predict the match result and receive a reward. Power up your abilities with Skill Books, craft brand-new items, grow food, mine materials, and many more!

On top of the immersive gameplay, Crickets World also offers five ways of earning income, such as:

  • Collecting NFTs and assets and trading them for the $CRIG tokens.
  • Completing in-game quests, activities, and raids to earn the $CRIG tokens and items.
  • Betting on the winner in championships and battles.
  • Earning passive income through sharing the project’s profits.
  • At early stages, investing in blockchain projects with Golden Cricket Capital.

Cricket Gem — $CRIG

Crickets World uses one token model with the total supply of 500,000,000 $CRIG. The token has a number of use cases inside the Crickets World ecosystem and can be earned through active participation in the ecosystem.

Why to participate?

  • Use $CRIG to explore the marketplace opportunities, invest in NFTs, trade items, or improve them.
  • Upgrade your character for best performance in Adventure, Arena, and Mini-game modes to earn more $CRIG.
  • Stake $CRIG to earn passive income.
  • Pay the fees for Arena battles and betting on match results.
  • Buy rare NFTs for $CRIG and participate in the project’s DAO and profit sharing.

IDO Details

The Crickets World IDO will start on December 5th, 2022, at 10 AM (UTC) with the allocation of $10,000 for the Liquidifty users.

  • Token name — $CRIG
  • Token price — $0.045
  • Chain — BSC
  • Currency — BUSD
  • Vesting: TGE 20%, linear vesting in 8 months with 10% per month
  • Token distribution: January 5th, 2022

How to participate?

Absolutely everyone can participate in the IDO, and the IDO will last 24 hours.

At the same time, priority is reserved for the pass holders. Therefore, if nothing remains after their participation, users without passes will not be able to buy tokens.

For all users without passes — the IDO will be held according to the FCFS (First Come, First Served) principle.

In case you want to have a guaranteed allocation for the IDO, you should purchase a pass: Gas, Liquid or Solid.

If you already have a pass, you shouldn’t worry! You will definitely receive your allocation.

In addition to guaranteed allocation and priority for buying tokens, holding a pass provides a number of other additional benefits of holding the Liquidifty NFT pass:

  • Participation in regular airdrops of NFTs by the popular gaming projects;
  • Cash prizes;
  • Tickets for Private sales.

If you don’t have your pass, but want to do it, visit this link:

Social media of the project:

Website| Twitter| Telegram| Discord |

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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