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4 min readSep 8, 2022

We are happy to announce the upcoming INO of the Cats and Dogs project on our platform. Sales will start on September 9th, at 13:00 UTC, and finish on September 15th, at 13:00 UTC.

You can join the INO here: https://liquidifty.io/@catsanddogs

Cats & Dogs is a versatile title that appeals to both the veteran Blockchain Gamer and the ever-increasing number of players that are joining the Blockchain every day. Cats & Dogs combines play-to-earn (take care of and love your pet) with the concept of Move-to-Earn (go for a walk with your dog or cat!)

Cats & Dogs is accessible for for everyone who loves animals, because they are more than just assets: they are your friends!

Cats and Dogs Gameplay

Cats and Dogs combines several games with completely different functionality. You can find out more about each game below!

Frisbee Catch

A fast, immersive experience that combines a pleasant tone of nature with the thrill of quick-clicking!

How to Play

In this mini-game, the player will have a limited amount of time in order to catch as many frisbees as possible.

The more frisbees they catch, the more points they collect. The higher the score, the higher the reward!

Charm Contest

In this game mode, Pets will compete between one another in order to charm the judges.

How To Play

Pets will use known Tricks to amaze the judges according to the requirements of each round.

Once they use a Trick they won’t be able to use it again — so they must choose wisely!

The success of the player lies in making more Charm Points than their rivals during the competition.

All the participants gain $PET as a reward for participating, but only the winner gets the main pot as well as unique prizes.

Obstacle Race

In this mini-game, Players must bet a certain amount of $PET in order to participate.

How To Play

Pets will demonstrate their dexterity and ingenuity in order to be in the top, sorting obstacles and unique challenges!

More than a Burn Mechanism, this mode offers the highest rewards in the game.

Fun and exhilarating! Winner takes it all!

Pet Ranking

Rewards for being the best of the best!

How To Participate

Your Pets will gain Pet Points that will count towards a Global Pet Ranking.

Winning games, overall performance, special customizables, and Pet Status will influence the gain of Pet Points. The Top Pets at any time will be shown in a featured space that everyone can see.

Once every month, as the Pet Ranking closes up, the Top Pets and their Owners will receive special prizes.

Make sure to do your best so that your lovely Pet be in the top!

INO Details

At Liquidifty there will be 300 NFTs for $79 per each NFT.

Why participate?

  • Free Tokens from the project (500 PET TOKENS)
  • Lifetime Fees from the secondary market, it does not matter if you sell the NFT later (the project will distribute the fees for the secondary market to their original minters wallets every month)
  • For every NFT you buy, you participate in a $10,000 raffle! Example: If you buy 3 NFTs, you get 3 tickets for the raffle.
  • The project has the NFT Price Insurance System!

When purchasing NFTs, users need to leave their Solana non-exchange wallet address in the form on the page. Users who have bought the NFTs during the INO need to mint the NFTs on September 22.

Social media of the project:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:

Website: liquidifty.io

▪️Telegram: t.me/liquidifty

▪️TG ANN: t.me/liquidifty_ann

▪️Twitter: twitter.com/liquidifty

▪️Gitbook: docs.liquidifty.io

▪️Medium: liquidifty.medium.com

▪️Instagram: instagram.com/liquidifty.io

▪️Discord: discord.com/invite/liquidifty

▪️Reddit: reddit.com/r/Liquidifty_io/



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