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5 min readJun 24, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming IDO of the promising project League of Empires! The IDO will start on June 27th, at 13:00 UTC.

League of Empires is the first-ever true MMORTS game on the blockchain. It offers rich and immersive gameplay. Train and command your troops in stunning 3D wars! Form alliances, fortify your land, deploy different strategies and increase your defenses to protect your treasures from enemies. Gather resources and train your army to build up your power and expand it into a mighty Empire.

League of Empires also uses NFT technology, giving gamers the ability to own their in-game assets with provable ownership and scarcity. NFTs will be minted on the blockchain and will consist of different tiers and rarity levels.

Players will also be able to form alliances with players from different parts of the globe, participate in tournaments, and play in Leagues. Along with earning by achieving certain milestones in the game, players will also be able to earn by minting new NFTs which they can either use in their gameplay or sell on the marketplace for other players to use.

In gameplay, the strategy will be the most important component in any successful endeavor. While clashing in epic real-time combat, players will be in control of a variety of troops, along with artillery, and will need to strategize to outmaneuver their opponent’s defense and attack methods in real-time.

A player’s troop composition, level of training, positioning of troops, and artillery on the battlefield along with skills and the ability to anticipate, dodge, attack, and defend, will all play large roles in the outcome of a battle. Players will earn rewards such as resources, currency, unlocks, and access to new game features.

The project has an international team of experienced specialists and long-term plans for further growth.

For its growth, the project focuses on social-driven acquisition, community-driven development, affiliate programs, influencer marketing, streamer rewards, competitions, and paid promotion.

Players’ retention is also crucial for the growth of the game. Therefore, the overall gaming experience is filled with excitement and adrenaline. One of the key strengths of strategy games is that players have control over their gameplay in real-time, and they do not play the same repetitive battles and levels.

Bringing new challenges as players play the game is an essential part of the game’s growth which will also contribute to the sustainability and growth of the ecosystem.

The game features skirmish missions, campaign missions, scenario missions, daily quests, and multiplayer matches in real-time.

The game also offers different civilizations, each of which has its own unique features, and different types of maps with different terrain, ground, and naval battles. To read more about the gameplay, visit the wiki of League of Empires.

$LOE Token

$LOE is a digital native cryptocurrency of the League of Empires game that will be used for in-game purchases and will also be the token for earnings in the game. It is a utility and governance token. $LOE is a BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

The 25 most successful token holders with the largest amount of tokens will be able to vote on token-related proposals via decentralized governance.

The developer also has the right to propose items to be put to vote that are seen as positive for the ecosystem as a whole and will perform a facilitation role in the curation of proposals that will be voted on by Token holders. All votes that successfully pass will be executed accordingly and be given to considering the commercial and technological limitations as soon as possible.

$LOE token use case:

  • Minting NFTs;
  • Buying and selling assets on the Marketplace;
  • Staking rewards;
  • Voting and governance (limited to the 25 most successful token holders);
  • In-game purchases & activities. (in-game currency);
  • Purchasing upgrades
  • The minimum requirement is to hold tokens to play certain levels.

IDO Details

IDO will start on June 27th, at 13:00 UTC. The project has a total allocation of $50,000 for the Liquidifty users.

Here are the initial details:

Approximate allocations for the Liquidifty NFT pass holders:

  • Gas — 350;
  • Liquid — 750;
  • Solid — 2000.

Information about allocations for Liquidifty NFT passes holders will be revealed closer to the IDO date. We will make additional announcements and add details in this article — follow the updates.

  • Network: BSC
  • Token: $LOE
  • Total rise: $1,400,000
  • IDO Price: 0.02
  • Public round allocation: $900,000
  • Private round allocation: $440,000
  • Vesting schedule: 10% at TGE. 2 months cliff and then Linear vesting for 15 months.
  • TGE date: 31.07.2022

How to participate?

To participate in the IDO, you need to have a Liquidifty NFT pass. You can participate in the Solid, Liquid, and Gas waves according to your pass. The Solid holders are the first ones.

It is very important to buy a Liquidifty NFT pass before the actual IDO starts because you won’t have the opportunity to get access during the IDO.

Additional benefits of holding the Liquidifty NFT pass:

  • Guaranteed allocation;
  • Participation in regular airdrops of NFTs by the popular gaming projects;
  • Cash prizes;
  • Tickets for Private sales.

If you don’t have one, visit this link:

Don’t waste the opportunity to participate in the League of Empires IDO on June 27th, at 13:00 UTC!

Social media of the project:
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:



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