Bringing gaming to the stars: The INO of Galaxy Blitz on Liquidifty!

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4 min readJul 21, 2022


Let’s prepare for a space journey with Galaxy Blitz! The INO will start on July 22nd, at 13:00 UTC.

Galaxy Blitz is a Play-To-Earn combat strategy NFT game where you lead the descendants of humanity to forge a new empire. Galaxy Blitz combines the use of the real world, usable tokens with high-octane gameplay, and an extensive history and lore for a unique player experience. The main NFTs inside of the game are Heroes, Weapons, and Spaceships.

Galaxy Blitz Gameplay

Galaxy Blitz will allow gamers to devise epic combat strategies in order to defeat their enemies on a galactic scale. Strategies will be based on the unique skills of each of the four races in the game with players that are able to choose to play as a mechanical lifeform, a silicon-based lifeform, a high-energy lifeform, or an elemental lifeform, each of which possesses its own unique different skills, habitats, resources, weapons, and features.

Players will fight across space in their own NFT starships, while also engaging in combat on the ground on the contested planets.

Battling in the depths of space takes place between one kind of starship with a variety of weapons and combat options. While on land, players can use the unique skills of their NFT Heroes as well as various weapons and special skills to overcome the defenses of their enemies. The strength and strategic placement of the player’s defensive structures will also determine the outcome of battles. The winners of these epic battles will gain resources from the opposing players.

In preparation for the official Galaxy Blitz mainnet launch, the team is coordinating a month of open beta testing with up to $100,000 in prizes to give away among the participants.

Starting from July 22nd, new players will earn rewards for connecting their wallets and performing different in-game actions as well as being able to collect a daily allowance. Players who hold at least 100 $MIT will receive additional one-off and daily rewards, and NFT holders will be airdropped test NFTs to play with during the beta.

Additionally, USDT rewards will be given to the players who invite friends to join the event and earn higher rewards when those friends reach level 5.

INO Details

The Liquidifty users will be able to choose NFTs at a special price!

There will be 200 NFTs for 85 BUSD each and 50 NFTs for 299 BUSD each. In two mystery boxes, there are 24 different designs with 5 different rarity levels.

The airdrop is planned for July 27, and the reveal date is July 28, at 9:00 AM UTC.

NFTs are in-game assets, each one has different specifications. During the open beta, users will be able to get their NFTs on the testnet and use them.

NFTs vary from level 1 to 5 (Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Super Super Rare, Legendary).

The “pack” contains one item in the game obtained randomly.

Why participate?

  • NFTs can be used in the game and for trading for physical assets.
  • NFT holders can participate in the beta testing of the game.
  • NFTs can be staked and mined MIT tokens with APY up to 600%.
  • NFT can be pledged to share an MIT seasonal rewards pool (Farm).
  • NFTs can be merged (N+N=R, R+R=SR).
  • NFTs could be staked to a certain level to stand a chance to win the prize.

Social media of the project:
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:



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