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4 min readAug 17, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming IDO of the Bike n Run project. The IDO will start on August 26th, at 10:00 UTC.

The IDO link will be announced soon, follow the updates.

Bike n Run is a Web3 fitness application based on Move-to-Earn and Game-Fi systems. Users equipped with an item bike can earn tokens by cycling the bicycle to school, workplace, trips, or even training.

Bike n Run runs on the Binance Smart Chain network and is managed by the $BNR tokens, which can be used to purchase NFTs and participate in various riding modes, tournaments, bike upgrades, and parts.

$BNR is positioned as one of the best utility tokens by combining NFT with the marketplace in Bike n Run.

Cycling is a relatively inexpensive activity and mode of transportation, so it’s no surprise it’s popular around the world. In fact, the biking statistics shows that cycling has become a popular way to commute and run errands, which makes sense, given it’s reliable and, sometimes, the fastest way to get around.

Bike n Run is a bike-to-earn project that allows users to profit from cycling, creating a long-term economy for all users who own BIKEs. It has great potential for the global market by creating new demand for the $BNR token and building a sustainable bike-to-earn technology that will be the next level of fitness web3 in 2022. Our mission is to become a ‘habit change platform’ and motivate you to do cycling every day. Cycling solo or together is even more fun with Bike n Run.

The team of the project consists of experienced blockchain and crypto experts as well as cycling enthusiasts that want to involve as many people as possible in this healthy and exciting world.

The project is now only crypto but also has real communities together with the project to do some real events. The project unites people who like crypto and sport (like cycling and running) together so they can do exercise and get money from it, and also they can join the real cycling communities events every few months. There were some events already: Ina Triathlon and the Indonesian Cycling Federation.

$BNR Token

$BNG is a governance token that has several utilities.

You can use tokens to repair your in-game bike, upgrade it, level up, and so on. Apart from this, you can spend tokens on the marketplace and use them for purchases.

Why participate?

  • The $BNR tokens can be used to purchase NFTs and participate in various riding modes, tournaments, and bike upgrades.
  • The $BNR tokens can be staked to participate in the RIDE’s earning modes and get rewards in the form of $BNR/bikes.

IDO Details

The IDO of the Bike n Run project will start on August 26th, at 10:00 UTC. The allocation for the Liquidifty users will be equal to $30 000.

Information about allocations for the Liquidifty NFT passes holders will be revealed closer to the IDO date. We will make additional announcements and add details to this article — follow the updates.

Here are the initial details:

  • Network: BSC
  • Token: $BNR
  • Total supply: 500 000 000
  • IDO Price: 0.0028 USD
  • Public round allocation: 100 000 000
  • The vesting schedule for the public round: 20% at TGE which is on September 1st, at 16:00 UTC, 3 months vesting, then linear vesting 26.6% during the 3 months.

How to participate?

To participate in the IDO, you need to have a Liquidifty NFT pass. You can participate in the Solid, Liquid, and Gas waves according to your pass. The Solid holders are the first ones.

It is very important to buy the Liquidifty NFT pass before the actual IDO starts because you won’t have the opportunity to get access during the IDO.

Additional benefits of holding the Liquidifty NFT pass:

  • Guaranteed allocation;
  • Participation in regular airdrops of NFTs by popular gaming projects;
  • Cash prizes;
  • Tickets for Private sales.

If you don’t have one, visit this link:

Social media of the project:
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:



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