Become healthier and earn money — dreams come true with the WalkN INO!

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3 min readJul 11, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming INO of the promising WalkN project! The INO will start on July 12th, at 10:00 UTC. Join to get the special NFTs for the Liquidifty users:

WalkN exists with only one mission — to bring people, fitness, and crypto together by building a solid platform that rewards people to take care of their fitness.

Through its platform, WalkN will offer solid income-generating opportunities for its app users. Just login to the WalkN app, start your journey (walk, jog or run), and earn tokens with every step you take!

One doesn’t need to have cryptocurrency to use the WalkN app but you would need to have the WalkN NFTs to earn tokens as you move. The WalkN app is geared toward bringing people together through its unique features such as WalkN Elites, and WalkN Athletes. One doesn’t need to join any of these clubs in the app if s/he wants to go solo. The idea of introducing these features is to create social engagement among theWalkN app users to boost their morale and to create healthy competition.

The project team will launch the WalkN App by July 25th, so roughly 10 days after the INO, users can start earning rewards using the NFTs.

WalkN Gameplay

Walk, jog or run with the WalkN app and earn while you get stronger every day! The mechanics for those who want to earn money with WalkN is pretty clear — you just need to get the app and start walking or running.

The WalkN App is the first Web 3 application that gives users the ability to use high-quality tradable NFT Sneakers. Users can mint sneakers through the sneaker-box drop after achieving accomplishments within the app.

There are 3 modes in the game: Solo, Tournament, and Background.

INO Details

The WalkN App NFTs are for sneakers. The app users will use these sneaker NFTs to earn rewards by walking, jogging, running, or training. Each NFT comes with a unique feature and a specific revenue stream linked to it in addition to the base move2earn rewards.

It’s a standard M2E feature where a user will earn rewards whenever they use NFTs and move using our app. In addition to that, users get special badges upon completing certain milestones and with those badges, users can claim special upgrades, free tokens, etc.

Each NFT comes with a fixed amount of free tokens that users can claim after 30 days of the INO. Once the app will be launched, each NFT holder will share a reward pool which is from the WalkN App’s revenue as well as revenue share from sneaker minting within the app.

There will be 55 boxes with NFT sneakers for the Liquidifty users.

Each box contains 4 NFTs special WalkN App NFT Box exclusively on Liquidifty, and the total cost of all 4 NFTs is 1.8 BNBs only for the Liquidifty users instead of 2.1 BNBs.

Why participate?

  • Buyer of the 4-in-1 Mystery Box gets 10,000 $WALKN tokens worth over $100
  • Each NFT in the mystery box is linked with one of the WalkN App’s revenue streams
  • Each NFT has an income generating feature by using the NFT in the WalkN App while moving
  • Each NFT unlocks a certain badge within the WalkN App and a badge holder get free upgrades, a sneaker mystery box, and in-app token airdrops randomly

Social media of the project:
Website| Twitter| Telegram| Discord

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:



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