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We are thrilled to announce the upcoming INO of the Cryptomeda gaming project that will start on June 6th, at 14:00 UTC. Meda Heroes and weapons will be hidden in the boxes within this INO — to use in the games of the Cryptomeda ecosystem.

Participate in INO here:

Cryptomeda is a complete NFT ecosystem and Play-And-Earn universe that aims to revolutionize the NFT gaming sector with cross-game NFTs connected to the enriching DeFi mechanics, traded on its marketplace, and utilized in its own and other gaming platforms.

All economic activity is facilitated by one unified currency — $TECH tokens, which enable trade, commerce, and Gamefi within the platform.

NFT gaming ecosystem

In Cryptomeda, players have various options of how to earn NFTs and then use them in different games. The Cryptomeda gaming platform will be expanding over the next weeks and months to provide fun, NFT utility, and earning possibilities to the Cryptomeda members.

Play Meda Shooter immediately without the help of NFTs. Or, use Cryptomeda NFTs to make your character more powerful and earn higher scores on the leaderboard. Acquire NFTs through the weekly lottery in the staking pools, by winning them in the Meda Shooter tournaments or by directly buying them on the marketplace!

Meda Wars is a science-fiction turn-based strategy game for mobile devices. All of this takes place in a galaxy called Cryptomeda. Meda Wars arose from a concept inspired by different strategy games along with MMORPGs and brought all those aspects into one complete game with the added element of NFTs along with play-and-earn concepts. The game will be released in the coming weeks.

Meda Wars will have 3 modes:

- Conquer mode — PvE combat to conquer territories on the map; craft, utilize and upgrade NFTs; earn rewards through quests, leader boards, and faction battles

- PvP tournaments — Players will be able to join 3v3 combat battles

- Empire mode — Utilize NFT lands, earn resources, build structures, guilds, and clans

Cryptomeda INO Details

Cryptomeda will provide 2 kinds of boxes: one with NFT Meda Heroes and another with NFT weapons, both having features: cross-gaming, crafting, merging, burning, and upgrading, which allow many options for using NFTs in different games. The Cryptomeda NFTs are uniquely deployed on Polygon, which ensures fast and affordable transactions.

Meda Heroes are not only usable in the Cryptomeda games — Meda Shooter and our upcoming Meda Wars — but soon will be implemented in games outside the Cryptomeda ecosystem, such as Evolution Land and Galaxy Fight Club. The Cryptomeda team is focused on increasing the utility and usability for all their NFTs, and many new gaming implementations will come in the future.

NFTs available during INO on Liquidifty:

  • 300 boxes with Meda Heroes — $90 per box;
  • 600 boxes with weapons — $20 per box;

Exclusively for Liquidifty, Cryptomeda will create a cross-game NFT-hero! Don’t miss a chance to get it!

Why participate?

  • Usability in the Cryptomeda games and outside the cryptomeda ecosystem
  • Collectible value — rare NFT heroes — iconic characters from the crypto-space
  • NFT features: Cross-gaming, upgrading, crafting, merging, burning
  • 1 Revolution hero in the box — the rarest and most valuable NFT hero in the Cryptomeda universe giving daily $TECH token airdrops to the holder

Additional opportunities to earn within the Cryptomeda ecosystem:

  • Play the Cryptomeda games to earn NFT rewards
  • Stakers and farmers earn $TECH tokens and NFT heroes
  • Staking pools provide additional gaming benefits and airdrops
  • NFT lands and Revolution cards giving airdrops to the holders

This Cryptomeda project will also hold an AMA session on June 3rd, at 14:00 UTC with Martin Jerabek — CEO of the project. Winners will get $100 and 4 NFT Meda heroes.

A Gleam campaign will be held during May 31 — June 5. Winners will have a chance to get one of the 10 NFT heroes and 40 NFT weapons. Join the Gleam campaign:

Social media of the Cryptomeda:
Website| Twitter| Telegram| Discord| Medium| Youtube|

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:




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