$250 for 5 winners for the coolest portfolios!

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2 min readSep 5, 2022

Hello friends! If you ever had a problem or question, how to collect all the NFTs in one place? How to unite NFTs created and recieved in different networks and marketplaces in one portfolio? Then we’ve got great news for you!🙌

You can now easily see all your NFTs that you have ever bought, recieved or created. They’ll all be in one place, cool, right? Now we support etherium, bnb chain and polygon chain, having OKC and avalanche on the way.

You can try out this new feature right now in the “My NFT” section on our website!

And on this occasion, we announce a competition for the best portfolio. The top five portfolio holders will be rewarded with a $50 prize each. The team will first select the top 20 portfolios, and then we will choose all together with our whole community!

How to participate in the competition, read here ⬇️:

1. Go to your profile, in the upper right corner click the button “Connect Wallet”
2. Share your portfolio on Twitter
3. Tag two friends who were also interested in seeing your entire NFT collection

🔥Done! Now you are a participant of our competition, which will last till September 19.

We also have some tips to increase your chance of winning!✍️

  • To make your portfolio look prettier, do not forget to put a beautiful cover on the profile background;
  • Now you have a possibility to add GIFs and videos to your portfolio, use this too!

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