100k NFT Artists competition — 50 short list announcement

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35 min readAug 4, 2021


You’ve waited and now it’s time to move on in our 100k NFT artists competition!

First of all, we would like to note that it was not easy at all for us to make the choice and each participant deserves to win! You are all talented and special! Our sincerest gratitude goes out to all the participants!

And now, meet the short list of the 50 artists and their stories!

We want NFTs to evolve beyond being just expensive jpgs, because this is art, and like any other form of art, there is a huge amount of work and a great history behind each one.

Let us get to know each artist in detail, their stories and their works!

Kadir Ölmezkaya

Instagram | Twitter

Hello! My name is Kadir. I live in Turkey.
My story is a bit different. I came from a poor family. The reason I started Photoshop was to make a cover photo for my Youtube channel created in order to earn money. Earlier I was creating it from free thumbnail sites. I’ve seen some great artists who created artworks with Photoshop. I tried to understand every piece of art I saw. I felt like I wanted to make digital art like them. I took advanced courses from sites like Phlearn. Oddly enough, although I don’t speak English, I was trained by an English-speaking teacher. :)) To learn this art, I decided that I had to learn the program first and wrote down the Turkish equivalents of the English terms in the notebooks. I got used to it, memorized it and created my own technique. I have published Manipulation and retouching courses for people to learn Digital art on the Udemy education site.
I`ve recently met NFT, and I think this is an opportunity to leave a mark on this world. I see that NFT art contributes not only to individuals, but also to the economy and environment. Artists and collectors save the future with NFT. When it comes to my works, there is a small message in every piece. Messages that I want to send to individuals and society. NFT artists create truly incredible works, and it’s an honor to be among them.
The Liquidifty family made me very happy by supporting in this competition and choosing one of my works.
All my effort and dream is to buy my mother a house before she dies. For this goal, I always save money. And this $100,000 content contest is my chance. Thank you all.

Sameer Baloch

Instagram | Twitter

Sameer Baloch is a Digital and 3d artist best known for his work in the film and animation industry for the past 15 years.

He is very passionate about his art. His style features dark futuristic fantasies and mind-bending landscapes.

Nickolay Ivanenko

Instagram | Twitter

Hey! My name is Nick. I am a graphic and 3D designer from Ukraine. I’ve always looked for inspiration in movies, music, and photography. My artist’s path began with short films, music videos, and fashion photography. The 3D design is great because of the ability to create separate worlds with your own story from the comfort of your own home. Doesn`t matter where you are from, everyone can declare himself to the whole world through his art. Also, nowadays the work of artists is generously rewarded.

In my craft, I love working with abstract shapes, surrealism, and photorealism. I like both the abundance of bright colors and a moderate color of impressionism. I prefer brightness and simplicity over deeper meaning. My works try to speak for themselves, but I also try to focus not only on the visualization but also on the semantic load, references to other works, and phenomena of life.

Sina Bozorgvar

Instagram | Twitter

I am a self-taught digital artist born in 1999. I have been interested in creating art since I was a child and learned Photoshop on my own from the age of nine.
I like to challenge myself by expressing my imagination through limited color palettes.
To date, I have had 4 exhibitions, 2 solo exhibitions, and 2 group exhibitions
I have always been interested in 3D art and I have been practicing for some time. I would love to create new and creative 3D works by preserving the DNA of the works I have already created.

Prince Lail

Instagram | Twitter

Prince Lail got his start in the design field from a young age by helping local musicians creating their album artwork. He began to increase his clientele from local to global working with some of the biggest names in the music industry. While he was still producing artwork, Prince had also begun a new journey with the rise of NFTs finally allowing himself creative freedom of all artist dreams, thus DOLOS was born. DOLOS is a character crafted from Prince`s mind that blends Greek mythology with a modern-day deliverance. You can easily get lost in a wonderful color pallet that Prince pulls from to convey a deeper connection in his pieces.


Instagram | Twitter

My name is Egor. I’m 25. I live in Moscow and work as an illustrator for the music label CPLUS. Draw covers and stuff.
I started drawing in elementary school and now it’s with me all my life. Previously, I really wanted to get into game development, draw concepts for games, but at some point I burned out very much and lost interest in the elaborated renderings. I had to look for something new for myself, and I took up illustrations, now I try to draw just for my own pleasure and look for new forms for myself.

Boris Raw

Instagram | Twitter

Boris Raw is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Russia.
Since childhood I have loved fantasy science, mythology, and anime.
As an artist I started my way with the traditional, I drew and painted when I was still 12 years old.
The first serious hobby was a real 100 page Manga.
At the age of 19 I first picked up a camera, and for about 4–5 years my creative field was street and portrait photography. At the same time, I became interested in video production. Slowly moved into post-processing with special effects — that’s how I first got acquainted with 3D, and it’s still one of my favorite things. In 3D I can bring all my childhood fantasies to life. My current art is a symbiosis of my childhood hobbies — Fantasy Science with Mythology of different countries and a little bit of Anime)
My inspiration is my impression of many books from the childhood.
Why multidisciplinary? Because I’m an artist with a tremendous desire to learn.


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Strss893 is a 3D artist from Moscow, Russia. Starting out as a web designer, he spent a lot of time honing his skills, experimenting with different styles in 3D art. In his work, he pays great attention to details and lighting. In his works you can find dark art, satire on modern society, dark romance, gothic and simply stylish art. Collaboration with such artists as the Polish metal band Behemoth, Russian 5diez, and many talented photographers and artists. Strss893 not only creates all the components of his art on his own, but also writes sound and music for his animated artworks. He does not limit himself to one style, and always tries ways to implement his ideas. The author of the luxurious NFT collection “Mechanical Insects”.

Vlado Vasilev

Instagram | Twitter

So, my name is Vlado Vassilev. Born and raised in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I`ve been a photographer for about 15 years now. I was mainly shooting wedding, commercial and portrait photography, but then came Covid and the quarantine. I started playing with Blender in all the free time I had. I`ve been working with some of the best known artists in Bulgaria.


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Hi, my name is Padezh. I am an aspiring multidisciplinary designer from Russia. In my work, I like to learn something new and experiment. Unfortunately, in commercial projects they don’t always like to experiment, so NFT-art has become an outlet for me. Here I can do what I want. I am inspired by a lot of things, but special attention is focused on subcultures, underground, street movements, electronic music, and graffiti.
At this stage, when the cryptoindustry is in temporary stagnation, in my free time I study the software necessary for my creativity. So that at the moment when public interest in NFT art will increase again, continue to embody the ideas that inspire me. I believe that soon NFT art will remind about itself properly!


Instagram | Twitter

Hi, my name is Pasha, and I’m 21 years old. I’m new to design and 3D modeling, but in this short time I’ve identified the main criteria of artists which I’m inspired by. First of all, artists whose style clearly stands out from the rest, like me, are not afraid to follow trends and create their own unique vision, despite the fact that it will not be popular at first. And the second equally important criterion is the meaning of the pictures which is on a par with the quality of the visual part. I realize that all of us are now just the first generation of innovators exploring a whole new world of blockchain art, and I’m happy to be part of such a large community.


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I am Prosatan666 (never use my real name) and I am an artist from Belarus.
I build my art from pure fractal graphics and chaos of mathematical functions.
In fact, this is the quintessence of AI and the human mind.
These arts have a unique source code like a program.
In my art, I strive to show the most hidden corners of the human subconscious.
Many factors are my inspiration.
This is Hans Ruedi Giger, this is Edgar Allan Poe, this is Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
This is a lot of metal bands like Cradle Of Filth, Satyricon, Samael, etc.
These are original horror films like “1408”, “Shining”, “Doctor Sleep” and so on.
And also this is my own madness, which periodically devours me.
One of my art “Madness”
This is what is inside each of us.
Someone feels it, someone is afraid of it.
Someone does not notice this. But we all have … MADNESS.
And no one can deny it. There is a time for everything.
And often madness takes this time.
Another art “From The Abyss”
In the shadow of the subconscious each of us has our own demons and they come for each …. From The Abyss.
This art is the personification of all our inner demons in the depths of our soul and subconsciousness.


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Hi! My name is Said, I was born in Russia and live there now :)
When I was 15, I downloaded Photoshop, and this was like a springboard to the design world for me! And since then, this is not just my job — this is my life.
3 Month ago my friend invited me to NFT community — it was another turning point in my life, so before NFT it was a hard time for me, I could not even buy a monitor for my computer. Now, I have a dream to gather my family and relax together wherever we want :)


Instagram | Twitter

Hey! My name is Timofey, and I am a professional 3D artist in the game development industry. My passion is character and creature design, a dark and frightening atmosphere is a key feature of my works, through which I express myself as an artist. I am constantly improving my digital 2d and traditional drawing skills, researching and trying new pipelines, combining different techniques to bring ideas to life.


Instagram | Twitter

My name is Matan, I’m 31 years old from Jerusalem, Israel. I have recently become a father for a beautiful baby girl.
I’m a Digital/Visual Artist, Graphic Designer, Music Producer, NFT & Crypto enthusiast, and a Beer geek.
My whole life is about creating, no matter what. I just want to make my own things come to life and evolve with them (even brewing beer!).
Usually the process of creation comes from my mind, and then I try to make these thoughts real.
My way of growing up starts with graphic design, that’s the first creation method I picked in my life, and that includes logo designs, branding, social media, and really everything — working with artists, record labels, and also other big companies.
When the world came to digital art, I started to learn 3d and worked at Cinema4D under Octane Engine. Then, I try everything in Photoshop, a little or a lot, it really depends. I also used World Builder to create the landscapes. I used high quality textures from the best sources to be sure that everything is true to life the way I imagine.
I’m really enjoying the NFT community, it’s so inspiring, there are many great artists and people around — you just can’t stay alone, you want to take part in. I really want to grow in this space and use this channel to bring more creation to my life.
My slogan is “Every light brings a new idea”.

Vlad Dryamov

Instagram | Twitter

I’m exploring organic forms and relations between nature and a modern human. Through my art I want to show that humanity may live in harmony with nature without serious ecological issues. My main inspiration is nature, technology, traditional art, and posters of Soviet Russia of the early 1900s.


Instagram | Twitter

The middle child and son of Mexican immigrants, ChewyPixels is a cliché lifelong artist. As a latchkey kid of the 80’s, his childhood was a mix of fear and shame in the early years followed by unbridled freedom of coming adolescence. The pop culture and films of this era, particularly in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres, became influential to his art.

Currently, ChewyPixels is the most comfortable in the 3D realm. He enjoys exploring new technologies and skill sets. Favorite food: tacos.


Instagram | Twitter

Hey! I am an illustrator from Russia.

My professional path has been long and thorny — from a designer in a regional library to a crypto artist.

And I have been inventing and drawing since childhood. Robots, mutants, heroes, and villains — all of them are a part of stories, characters from the worlds I have invented. At one time I lived and hid in them, now I show them to you.

Oh, also, I love cartoons, comics, books, and port wine.


Instagram | Twitter

Hi, NFT Community! For 11 years I had been doing what I didn’t like, even though I had been doing great financially. In 2019, I decided to change everything and start from scratch. I quit my old job and started studying motion design. Now I really have fun from what I do, even though I’m a long way from my previous income. I spend all my time studying 3d software, and in between studying I worked as a freelancer participating in collaborations and creating the NFT arts).



Jimbo, (KumquatCompote) is a professional VFX supervisor with over 15 years in the industry, working at some of the biggest post houses in London on brands including MTV, Nike and Coca-Cola. Along with this he is a screenwriter and Director, with his latest short in production with an Oscar winning team.

His experience as an artist and storyteller is combined perfectly in his NFTs, with each one hinting at a larger narrative and world. He can count Crypto888crypto and NftUae as his collectors and most recently he was announced as the head writer of the Deadheads NFT animation series. Jimbo has big plans for longform narratives within the NFT world and has some very exciting projects on the horizon.
More of his NFTs and Professional work can be seen here — www.jamesspillman.co.uk


Instagram | Twitter

Hey! My name is Fârzad Borousan, the guy behind Aka.Vertigo Artworks. I’m 26 years old, and I`m a full-time digital artist.”I believe that every artwork should have a deep theme and point for the viewer, and at the same time it should convey a surreal world of escapism from everyday life, so I intend to present the Science Fiction style in the form of Pop. I like to show parallel worlds in my artwork, and I believe that the feeling you convey in a piece of art is more important than technique.

Artur Lekano

Instagram | Twitter

Artur Lekano is a 3d artist with a unique style who has no fear of showing the sins of people in his works.
He is also one of the top 100 young directors in his country, right now he is creating the world’s first 3d NFT series for Netflix.
Therefore, the media popularity of this artist is a matter of time.
Look deep into it. When you see with your eyes, you supplement it with your imagination and transfer it to the screen.
Art can speak, and the works will say more.
A new look. Collaboration of styles. Classicism with a pinch of surrealism seasoned with the author’s vision.
This is the only way to create your own unique style.

Vinay Pittampally


I’m Vinay Pittampally, an artist & time traveller from India. I’m a long listed artist of World Illustration Awards 2020, and my works are published in DAC (Designers Against Coronavirus) by Italian Red Cross. I’ve worked with Harper Collins, Juggernaut & ITC. I’m currently busy immortalising my art in blockchain.
My works are digital drawings with limited colors, subtle textures, and emphasized lights and shadows.
Inspired by the emotions of the contemporary world, my art is often nostalgic, warm, and thought-provoking. I love to narrate visual stories that transport the viewer to a different point in space-time.

Ankit Kapoor

Instagram | Twitter

Ankit Kapoor is an Illustrator, comic book artist and animator from India. He started his journey in 2018, and since this time he’s worked on webcomics and animations that have garnered hundreds of thousands of views online. He is currently working on a Top-secret animation project and makes NFTs for fun. :)


Instagram | Twitter

I am Arman Ussupov a.k.a. Armanius born in Kazakhstan.

I’ve been in the 3D industry for over 8 years. I’ve been dreaming about it since I was a child. Worked in another field, then left everything and started to learn 3D. I have no regrets. I love this job and enjoy it.

I love unconventional storylines and making animation that way.

When I first started learning animation, I made this animation with video overlay: https://nftb.io/b0e066b7c75e49f237ffd358ec5251ce/. Until now I’ve seen this video walking around the network with different descriptions, which do not correspond to reality. But it was a cool experience to create a viral animation.

Then, I did a lot of different video mashups, which also were viral that time.

In 2019 I made an animation called “Bottle Cap Challenge in an Alternate Universe” that went viral a lot around the world and got tens of millions of views https://www.instagram.com/p/0TBV4_gc8_/

Now I’m basically doing a series of alternate universe style animations for the NFT market. Where everything is like ours, only to the point of absurdity in reverse.


Instagram | Twitter

I’m 31 y.o. graphic designer, digital artist, and photographer. Started my career in Lithuania in the Academy of Arts and finished in Barcelona studying graphic design and communication.

Now I’m trying to combine photography, digital art, and communication skills to bring a message to the audience through my surrealistic expression of art and provoke any kind of emotions whether they are positive or negative. This is the key of my creations.

Vospitannik Vsevolod

Instagram | Twitter

Vsevolod Vospitanik is a 17y.o. self-taught digital artist from Ukraine. Collaborated with various brands and participated in 3 well-known collaborations from NFT Bastards. I’m inspired by different styles of digital art, from rainbow artworks to dark paintings. So, at the moment I’m actively looking for my style by studying various techniques of CG. Finally, I’m sure that soon the whole world will know about me and my art)

Aleksey Ustinov

Instagram | Twitter

Hey everyone, my name is Aleksey Ustinov alias aleks.ustya. I am 24 y. o, I have been doing photography for 3,5 years. When I just started doing it I didn’t like to take ordinary photos, I was interested in telling the story conveying my thoughts and experiences through my work. I started to actively learn how to work with light, color, composition, to develop concepts for photos, constantly invent and implement my ideas. In my works I like to play around some different religious moments and human nature merging, now I’m preparing some big projects. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.
I have grown madly in love with photography during this time, photography has opened for me a completely different world and people. In a sense I have begun to look at the world differently.
Thank you, one and all, so much who finished my story, and good luck to all the participants.

Rafis Bulatov

Instagram | Twitter

Hi there!My name is Raf! I’m from Kamchatka (Russia). I’m a 3D Artist. I’m from those guys for whom a favorite hobby has become more than just a hobby.
While I can not boast of any high-profile merits in the CG field, I’m absolutely a simple guy. I create, experiment and share it with people! In my work there are often elements of extreme sports. This is one of the areas where I get my inspiration. Ideas for many of my pieces come when I`m skateboarding.
By the way, in my contest work “SK8 MUSIC” I have combined two of my favorite worlds: the world of music and the world of extreme sports.
Thank you very much for noticing my work. I’m very happy to be here among the other 50 cool guys!
From Kamchatka With Love

Josha Rahmonov

Instagram | Twitter

Hi everyone! My name is Josha! I’m from Tajikistan! Most of you have never heard about this country😄. I guess now you are wondering where it could be. It’s far far away, in Central Asia. And by the way, it’s a pretty beautiful place. So, I’m a concept artist and storywriter. Simultaneously I’m studying to receive a bachelor in architecture. As an artist I’ve always been amazed by the Renaissance artists. How does that Italian man tell more than 3 stories in 1 art? How? That’s what brings me today to my goal “Make your art breath, tell your listeners the story”. So the artwork I’m creating in Liquidifty consists of 3 artworks. An interview where two soldiers are manipulated by a girl. Hope you like it, cheers!)


Instagram | Twitter

An artist from Siberia
A self-taught artist studying visual discipline for several years
A member of several collaborations #NFTbastards: Verification Rarible Star and Binance Exchange Collab
Inspiration: people, orderliness and structure of nature
One of the works of the artist is a triptych “Transparency” that reflects the stages of the author’s interaction with blockchain technology (acquaintance with which began in 2015), observing yourself, society, and the influence of the technology on people.


Instagram | Twitter

My name is Barmaan,I’m 17, and I`ve been doing 3D stuff for nearly 9 months. Besides 3D visuals I have good knowledge and experience of Photo Editing, Graphic Design, Drawing, Video Editing, Collage Art, Motion Graphic, etc.
In my opinion, art has its own definition, technique, grace, conception, and in this regard I seek to combine the best quality of images with the concepts to help people get immersed in them and grow beside them, like those senses of René Magritte that you can feel. So I guess I can do a great job by making a connection between science and design. Throughout the history of art, there were other Davincis who could pace up the progression of science with the power of their ideation and art like the relic of Gram staining.


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Past, present, and future happen at the same time. Nature and technology are bound to coexist in symbiosis, while humans, AI and fantastic creatures work towards achieving the same goals, in unity.


Instagram | Twitter

Hi! My name is Salvo, and I’m a 21-year-old 3D artist! I usually work in the genre of sci fi but sometimes go into abstract and surreal territory! I also create small animations and looped animations. When it comes to what inspires me to create it’s kinda complicated. But I’ll make a long story short.Growing up I watched all these scifi movies and games, like Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, iron giant etc. They transported you into a different world, caused the emotions that erupt inside of you. That’s what I want to do. I want to create these places and environments that transport you to the world I have imagined, and make you feel the story that goes with it.

Rare Designer

Instagram | Twitter

Hello my name is Marvin, known in the NFT / Cryptoart world as Rare Designer. I am a Conceptual Artist, lover of the MEMETIC / Cyberpunk genre, creator of several Epic collaborations such as “Cyborg Skull” taking artist Skeenee’s skull to another level. I love creating details and discovering things in art. I apply this technique in my artworks so that the collector / viewer can appreciate each line, detail (sometimes hidden) in the Artwork. I feel that this aspect allows the viewer to understand the effort and dedication that artists have on a work, and I like to see that effort. I feel that my works are worth a lot, not only because of a visual aspect or who I am, but because I have invested a lot of effort behind each work so that the viewer / collector is satisfied with the result

Roman Kos

Instagram | Twitter

Hi, my name is Roman, I’m photographer, illustrator and digital artist from Russia. I love to work in different genres and styles of art, that’s why my works look so different. From video manipulations to animations, photography to illustration — it’s all in my field of interests. Trying something new every day, travelling to see new places and meeting new people are the things I value most of all in my life.

Aleksandr Petulko

Instagram | Twitter

Hey everyone, I’m Alexander Petulko, a creative developer from Ukraine. My journey to 3d started from multiple attempts to learn how to draw. When I worked in a design studio, I saw people creating beautiful things every day, and I have been inspired by them. And though I still couldn’t develop my drawing skills, I have been training my aesthetic taste. At some point, I need to use 3d working on websites. Thus, I’ve started to study Blender to perform such tasks by myself. As I really enjoy it, I also try to do something not only for work but for myself. And I`ve realized that I enjoy generating various compositions. So I have focused on improving my skill in generative design.
I think I`m a great experienced developer, but I still feel like I’m new in the world of art. So every single time someone likes my works, compliments them, or even buys my NFTs, when my work is chosen for a competition, I feel extremely happy. After it I find a way to create something beautiful and share it with people.


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I am an NFT artist from Ukraine.
I took up 3D design 2 years ago.
I was highly inspired by the motion design videos of the famous artists such as Quentin Deronzier and Somei.
I`ve decided to devote myself entirely to this business in order to reach their level someday. I found out about NFT when Beeple became famous all over the world. I was pondering what kind of art to make. When I came up with several ideas, I decided to implement them on different marketplaces. I posted my first NFT “Perfect moment” on Foundation, despite the fact that my first sold NFT was the most significant one for me. This work is called “Passion”, and it is a part of the collection, which is posted on Rarible. I illustrate human feelings in an unusual way.
My competitive work was posted on Liquidifty. I devoted it to the launch of this marketplace and an increasing interest among NFT artists.


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My name is Nicolas, also known as Nicogs.
Content, marketing, social media, communication, and everything in between are my passion. Over the past few years I’ve collaborated with Charlotte De Witte, Billie Eilish, Lost Frequencies, Netsky on different kinds of projects, but also with brands such as Tomorrowland, Boiler Room, Live Nation, and many other ones!
As you might have noticed I am mostly active in the music and festival industry. Because of Covid-19 I focused on my art and creative workflow, resulting in my first NFT back in September. Every work is another experiment where I try to challenge myself by using something new in it.
You can see it in the works attached to this text. All of them have a different style, vibe and feeling (some are video footage, others are animated ones, and some are stills or collages). I keep on exploring new creative fields, and I will always innovate new styles.

Anastasia in red


I’m a dark, horror artist and Illustrator from Russia, best known as Anastasia in red. I’ve been obsessed with horror, macabre and bizarre themes since childhood. As I grew up, the love for all the creepy and spooky stuff grew with me. So, I’m extremely glad that I was able to make it part of my work. Also, I can’t imagine my life without dark humor, and quite often I add it to my art.
I like vector graphics and work in Adobe Illustrator. Also, I`ve recently started making animations in Adobe After Effects.
Сurrently I’m doing commissions and working on my own projects.


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Hi! My name is Germán Zarcero (Zar0 / ZarØ). I’m a 25-year-old artist, photographer, and composer for video games from Barcelona, Spain.
My art pieces and NFTs are usually representations of random situations and characters that come to my mind, and I draw them in a more comical and expressive way. I think it is another way I can see the world. I use a lot of black and white for the subjects but I compensate for it with a lot of vibrant colours. My art is very colorful. My characters are usually sad, but the colors make the art happy.
If I have to describe it in 5 words I will say that my art is an explosion of emotions and colors.



I tried 3D software for the first time when I was 15, but I grew up at a time when it was not possible to make a living from creating 3D content. After apprenticeship and a few years of working in television, I realized that I would never be able to satisfy my creative needs in this kind of working environment, so in 2011, I quit my job and started studying at art college.
During my studies I explored various fields. In the first year I did everything from sculpture to painting. Then, in 2012, I had my first experience with real-time 3D graphics inside of Unity 3D in combination with the DK1 from Oculus. This was the moment I fell in love.
Since then I have been working almost exclusively with various game engines that are freely accessible (mainly Unreal Engine and Unity 3D). I am enjoying the direct feedback you receive within this real-time workflow. It’s a bit like painting on canvas, what you see is what you get — the end result. You don’t wait for the result but work continuously on your result. In this way, the famous “happy little accidents” can be explored much better and used creatively.
At the same time, real-time 3D graphics offer a fantastic opportunity to integrate interaction and create complete experiences / games. My great love is the medium VR and in connection with interaction I see an incredible amount of potential in combination with NFTs. Since we are still at the very beginning, it is difficult to imagine where the journey is going. At the moment we are only “sticking” pictures on NFTs but what if NFTs become complete experiences. I’m looking forward to this future, and I am super motivated to work on helping to shape this future. I am currently working full-time on various XR projects, and I hope to become more involved with my own creative vision through NFTs and not be dependent on clients.

Arseniy Key

Instagram | Twitter

Visual Artist and Art Director from St. Petersburg.
10+ years experience in the motion design industry, but new to NFT.
My art is kind of abstract experiments with composition, form, color, texture, and movement. Sometimes fun. Sometimes quite specific.


Instagram | Twitter

VSrat is an anonymous artist from Siberia striving to express himself with minimal visual means. It may seem that the voxel graphics in which he works limits the artist, but in his case it is exactly opposite: it is an opportunity not only to say more with smaller units of meaning, but also to include the viewer’s imagination making him a participant of a creative process.
The subjects of the artworks range from sarcastic studies of religious dogmas to comparative mythology.
VSrat’s most famous nft-pieces are “The Hero Journey” triptych, a voxel homage to Da Vinci’s The Last Supper and “SO COOL/MOSES” — Moses chilling at the bottom of the pool.
Currently he is working on a series of artworks united by a single character — Metafoxy — a curious boy in a fox mask. This is a large detailed world that is just beginning to unfold.

Maxim Kuznetsov

Instagram | Twitter

Hello! I’m Maxim Kuznetsov, a digital designer and artist.
I explore the inner world of a human being. I take scattered bits and pieces of experience such as emotions, feelings, and memories, and transform them into a variety of visual artefacts. I am attracted to the most powerful and often traumatic experiences. For example, the feeling of the sun’s first rays after a long winter, the return to life after a long period of depression, anger and sadness, a quarrel that is forever in the memory.
I experiment with various techniques in search of the most suitable visual language for me — 3d, digital painting, GAN networks, collages, and animation.


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Hello! My name is Artem, I am a 33-year-old motion designer from Russia. All my life I have taken an interest in design and visual arts. I was called to NFT by my friend who opened up a new world of expression for me, and I found it very interesting. That day he told me that the future belongs to digital art. The purpose of my works is to carry an idea, inspire people to be creative, and reflect modern social problems in my creations.


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Hi, I’m Broksh, the creator of the SOLO collection.

My SOLO collection is about female aesthetics and body beauty. I create works in 3D / 2D style.
I am often asked what inspires me… And I don’t even know how to answer such a question…
Usually, in 99% of cases, my next work comes to me at night, before going to bed.
I lie down, close my eyes, and then the image is formed : hair, eye color, pose, her emotions, whether she is in a transparent cube or whether it is just a picture…
The most important thing is to write it all down and not to be lazy, even if you really want to sleep.
My goal is to grow to the offline level, so that there is an opportunity to open my own space in which every worthy artist from any corner of the world can present his NFT. I often encounter problems on the way to developing SOLO.
One of the problems is the recent blocking on a popular NFT site.
My collection suffered from losses, my works were equated to porn. All these months of my long and persistent development were crossed out by someone’s decision…
But I didn’t give up, I didn’t leave. I searched for all the possible exits and got to the creator of this site…
As a result, I won, and the collection was successfully unlocked
Why am I doing this?
I see how many artists leave their works and collections.
Because there are no sales or recognition. Or they think that they are “Invisible”…
But this is not the case!! If you are not seen and noticed, do even more than you are doing now!
More communication, more shill , more advertising, more…more…
And one day you will wake up… and see that everything has changed!
It wasn’t easy for me too, but every day I get up and do my best for the SOLO collection. I will fight to the end!
That is all
Broksh , SOLO collection.


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I’m a 21-year-old college student experimenting in the 3D world, converting dreams into pixels. I like to try new artistic ideas everyday without really sticking to my own niche.


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Hi, I am Klent . I am a 3D artist who just entered the NFT space but has been into the 3d industry the past 2 years. I mostly create surreal and abstract artworks which are captivating because of the color palette I use. I like to play with shadows that now are a great part of my style.
I would like to become a more versatile artist, so that I could create not only abstract pieces but photorealistic artworks in 3D too.
I get inspired with any piece of content that makes me think and scratch my head and makes me go over it again and again.
I use Cinema4d along with octane to create my art at first working as a freelancer for local brands.
What do I do in my free time? Don`t look at the screen for sure and spend time with my family.


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​​Hello! My name is Igor. I’m an experienced CG-artist from Russia. I started doing 3d in 1999 at the age of 17, and 3 years later I started working professionally. I am glad to live in this time. This is a life at the intersection of art and technology, which gives us a lot of fabulous opportunities. The field of my interests is the subject of the future and everything connected with it. I have been busy working on all sorts of CG projects ever since!

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